Why do Aikido?

There are many reasons to take up Aikido, and people train in this martial art for many reasons. Aikido provides many answers to many questions, Aikido might answer your questions.

Here we list a few points you might find interesting. Pick one
or all or ask more questions, we’ll be glad to answer them.

Self Defence

Aikido teaches self-defence applicable to any situation.

There are only a few movements to learn and the infinite combination
of these movements make Aikido a very rich Martial Art.

Aikido suits everyone and all ages, there is no special physical
condition needed to take up Aikido.

The principles of Aikido are very simple and in only a few classes
anyone can learn to apply techniques and principles correctly.

You decide when your practice starts and it never ends. There
is always more to learn and techniques to improve.

Movement/ body awareness

Aikido teaches body mechanics, how to use your body in an effective
and efficient manner.

Practicing Aikido your posture will improve, leading to economy
of movement and maximising your efforts. This will help you
directly in your Aikido and can also be applied to your daily
life in every task you carry on.


There is a meditation aspect in Aikido (as it might be in everything
you do). You will practice to deal with the moment, detachment,
trust others, lead and be lead, work and interact in a group.

Meditation through movement – energies in your body you’ve never
experienced before.

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